INTERFLAG company is a professional producer of flags, for various purposes, from the tiny table flags to huge banners. Our flags are high-quality, long-term all-weather products, capable of sustaining most extreme conditions of high latitudes in the North or the South, on the land or in the sea – wherever necessary.

Flags made with our exclusive technology will serve you incredibly long, their quality is carefully controlled on every step, for the production goes in our own factory. Visit our website www.interflag.ru, and you will find lots of interesting resources, learn about flag, production in general, and have the opportunity to make a quick order.

Today, our flag production means industrial area of about 2,000 sq.m. with modern high-tech equipment and facilities, thus making it easy to create first-class articles of any format type or complexity in terms of the client.

The price policy of our company lies in flexibility in every order, for the mutual profit of both sides.

Our staff consists of true professionals, working hard to support company image and reputation as a credible and responsible partner. The leading specialists have significant experience, which is confirmed by the quality and ever-rising demands. Our clients may surely acknowledge: in any emergency case (i.e. request to alter the terms or order size) we always meet your needs.

When making your order, you will have all the information in any question you may ask. Our manager will consult you in all the matters of design, technology, production, give appropriate advice according to conditions of use, offer various price variants and, most probably, a discount. When your order is finished, you may be certain in its quality - it’s controlled in three ways: first, during production, second, by the supervising specialist, and finally, in the ordering office. We create only first-class products.

We make flags for:

  • Political parties and movements;
  • Administrations of republics, territories, areas and cities;
  • The state organizations;
  • Business concerns;
  • The sports organizations;
  • Private persons.

Our long-time clients have personal discounts. Also, it is possible to make an emergency order via phone call, of course, in case of mutual trust. We stimulate our dealers, provide them with special discounts in their regions, and do not mind if they apply their own trademarks.

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