Our firm

The "INTERFLAG" company is a professional producer of flags for various purposes, from the tiny table flags to huge banners. Our flags are high-quality, long-term all-weather products, capable of sustaining most extreme conditions of high latitudes in the North or the South, on the land or in the sea – wherever necessary.

Today, our flag production means industrial area of about 2,000 sq.m. with modern high-tech equipment and facilities, thus making it easy to create first-class articles of any format type or complexity in terms of the client.

The price policy of our company lies in flexibility in every order, for the mutual profit of both sides.

You can see on photo our main factory building. Here the full cycle of production is taking place, from draft-making (or editing) to covering and quality control. Our facilities provide the potential to create high-tech articles from the very start, and in one building, thus shortening the terms, on-time editing, that, in turn, results in perfect quality.

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