About technology of printing

We use the most advanced printing technology – the thermo-chemical sublimation print, which lies in application of specific dyes under the conditions of temperature and pressure with deep penetration of the tissue. It should be made clear that unlike other printing methods, this one is not covering the material with the paint, thus elasticity is unharmed, and the tissue is coloured to the core thanks to the diffusion of dye molecules between the dilated and heated filaments. Therefore, at the end of the printing cycle the filaments get cool, the tissue pores tighten, and the dye remains deeply inside the material. This technology is applied in painting sportswear, bathing costumes, umbrellas, skiing wear, etc., where the external factors are especially strong (abrasion, weather conditions, UV, various aggressive reactions). The image, thus created, cannot be erased, somehow altered by solvents, and stays for a very long time.

The printing is made on the special transfer printing press (for flat printing), or on the transfer printing calender (for roller printing).

Actually, this method includes several ways of painting, the basic one (classical) consists of two main stages: at first, the creation of the mirrored image on the paper (transfer making), and then the thermo-printing itself (copying the image from the transfer to the material).

If going into details, the first stage (transfer creation) requires additional equipment: the cutting plotter and the jet plotter with sublimational paint (full color printing). At the same time, depending on the order circulation, serigraphy may be used during transfer making.

The quality of the product depends on the thoroughness of both stages, on the technical capabilities and staff experience.

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