As make flags

Your order starts from the manager, and this, too, is a truly important moment. You should have a idea of how the results will look like, and it should be as precise and detailed as possible. So we advise you to read the chapters "General information" and "Flag types". on our website. When the manager receives your order, he will consult you on the questions of form, format, color, quantity, calculates the price and tells you the term, by the end of which your order is done. If you wish to assess the price beforehand, you may do so online in the chapter "Order calculation". If you have any questions, ask our manager, and he will give you an exhaustive consultation.

Next comes the draft editing stage with the designer. Requirements to all the drafts are collected in "Draft requirements" (try to meet them). The designer makes all the changes needed, and creates the final draft version, preparing your order to the transfer creating.

Our specialists carry out the transfer stage precisely, you can see the example of the plotter cutting on the photo. Depending on the order size and the color range, the transfer is made through different methods, either pattern or offset printing, as well as via the color jet plotter. As you can see here, various facilities are required on this stage, you can learn more in "Printing technology".

Then goes the thermopress (special transfer printing press for flat printing), or the transfer printing calender (for roller printing) and the thermoprinting itself, where the image is given to the material. After this stage it is scarcely possible to anyhow change the image, for it becomes very endurable, so any technical mistakes here are absolutely excluded. On the picture you can see the flag printing process, the result will follow after several seconds.

The final step – the covering – also needs great attention, for it determines the life term of the banner. Several variants of flag covering are offered, you will find them all in "Flag types". If you wish, you may order your own version of covering and other features (cringles, shackles, rings, cords and lacings) – we are ready to meet any your suggestions and needs.

Our company is producing only first-class products. You will receive your flags right on time.

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