How many the flag serves

The major factors determining life terms of a flag are external conditions, such as wind, ultra-violet rays, as well as special aggressive factors (i.e. seawater). All of this contribute to high requirements towards production and material of a banner, and its painting.

Representative flags that are set on the limousines, for example, usually become unfit after one or two rides. This happens because the car going at about 200 km/h makes the banner swing at supersonic speeds. The most destructive matter in this instance occurs when the sound barrier is surpassed, and a specific clapping sound may be heard: at this moment distention force impulses of several dozens of kilograms affect the banner’s lengthwise stitches. That is why the statistical duration of usage of such flags isn’t impressing too much, well, someone can afford traveling slowly, while others cannot.

Therefore, there are two types of flags, indoor and outdoor. Design, technology specifications and material, as well as duration of use vary significantly. If an outdoor banner in urban environment serves for a year and a half on average, the indoor one (if well-treated) will last as long, as you like.

Outdoor flags’ features:
  • meteo-resistance, points: up to 7 (out of 7 max)
  • light-resistance, points: up to 6 (out of 7)

And now a few words how to prolong the flag’s term of use. First, secured painting is necessary: the leading edge of high-tech is the thermo-chemical sublimation print in combination with advanced colouring. Second, the material is 100% polyester, with closeness chosen with accordance to the conditions of future usage. Thirdly, the technology of a first-category flag includes triple stitches with reinforced filaments in its perimeter, plus additional bracings of the angles. At last, in every detail of your flag you find quality, meaning that its producer is INTERFLAG.

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